Uscis Processing Times: Information About Processing Times of USCIS Premium Cases

Check your USCIS processing times information using our website. With the increased standard of living most people are migrating out of their territory for the purpose of business, education or for any other reasons. So this United States Citizenship and Immigration service helps to make a formal judgement on a disputed matter related to residency, citizenship and various kinds of authorization to live and work in United States.

Most of the times the forms of immigration of USCIS takes a longer period, so this USCIS helps people to provide guidance about processing times through its websites and reports. The USCIS Processing times offers processing of form mainly at four different service centres. These are California service centre, Nebraska service centre, Vermont service centre, and Taxes service centre. All forms for immigrations go through these service centres. Well the USCIS offer processing time information at different kinds of processing; some of them are Administrative Appeal Office processing, National Benefit Centre Processing, Immigrant Investor Program Office processing and International Operations Offices Processing. Now lets discuss about the how USCIS process the cases.

USCIS Processing Times

Well this USCIS processing times creates lots of confusion in the minds of people. The form which is received by the people is put in queue and then the processing starts. Well these petitions mainly depend upon the following aspects.

  1. The field office or service centre where the form is given for processing
  2. The type of the form and
  3. The received date of the case

So this is how the cases are being process. This USCIS follows the first come first out rule where the form which is put first in queue is processed first and vice versa. And the time between this date of processing the form by service centres and date of reviewing the form can be called as USCIS Processing Times”.

Sometimes it may happen the USCIS takes the time beyond the time allotted due increase in workloads, introduction of new categories of forms or increased usage of additional forms. It may hinder the individual in its immigration for this an individual has an authority to take action against such delaying in USCIS Processing Times according to Form I-765 an Employment Authorization Document in which promise of 90 days is given for processing and if the processing time is close to or beyond 90 days then a person can take following action.

  • Contact to USCIS National Customer Service Centre
  • Submit an inquiry of the case using DHS form 7001 to the office of Ombudsmen.

So this how you can take action against delay in USCIS processing times. Well this USCIS provides additional benefits for those who are immigrating for certain employment which is known as PREMIUM PROCESSING and it is discussed as under.

Uscis Processing Times

USCIS Processing Times Of Premium Cases

Those people who are migrating for employment purpose they can utilize this Premium processing service of USCIS processing times. Here the petitions and applicants are given guarantee of 15 calendar days and fees of this service are $ 1225 which promises to process the forms in 15 days. Within these 15 days USCIS will

  • Issue notice of approval or denial of form, a notice of intent to delay or requesting for evidence.
  • Will investigate the fraud or misrepresentation in case.

So, this is how you can obtain benefit of premium process. Now let’s discuss the publishing process of USCIS Processing Times.

Annoucement Of Uscis Processing Times

The USCIS publishes the information of processing times on 15th of every month for each of its processing queues. Well mainly the time period between the publishing of the information and processing of form is 45 days. For instance, if the information is published on 15March then the information of the form must have processed on 29 January or 30th if there is a leap year. In this gap of 45 days the USCIS verifies the data for the quality purposes.

Well after the publishing of processing times the next step is to check your USCIS Processing Time. Here we will guide you with some steps regarding how you can able to check your time in USCIS website. Follow the details given below.

Uscis processing times duration table

In case, if you quickly want to know the uscis processing times duration, then you can have a look at the below table which provides all the necessary information about the same.

Form Number Case Type Time
I-129CW CNMI-Only Nonimmigrant Transitional Worker 6 months or less
I-129F Petition for Fiancée 6 months or less
I-129 H1B Nonimmigrant Specialty Occupation Worker 6 months or less
I-129 H2 Temporary Nonimmigrant Worker 6 months or less
I-129 H3 Temporary Nonimmigrant Trainee 6 months or less
I-129 L Nonimmigrant Intracompany Transferee 6 months or less
I-129 O Nonimmigrant Extraordinary Ability Worker 6 months or less
I-129 P1, P2, P3 Athletes, Artists and Entertainers 6 months or less
I-129 Q Cultural Exchange Worker 6 months or less
I-129 R Nonimmigrant Religious Worker 6 months or less
I-131 Application for Travel Document 6 months or less
I-140 EB1 (A) Alien with Extraordinary Ability 6 months or less
I-140 EB1 (B) Outstanding Professor or Researcher 6 months or less
I-140 EB1 (C) Multinational Manager or Executive 6 months or less
I-140 EB2 (D) Advanced Degree Professional 6 months or less
I-140 EB2 (I) National Interest Waiver 6 months or less
I-140 EB3 (E) Skilled or Professional Worker 6 months or less
I-140 EB3 (G) Other Worker 6 months or less
I-212 Application to Reapply for Admission 6 months or less
I-352 Bond Breach 9 months
I-360 EB4 Petition for Religious Worker 6 months or less
I-360 A Amerasian 6 months or less
I-360 C Special Immigrant Juvenile 6 months or less
I-360 K Special Immigrant Afghanistan or Iraq National Translator 6 months or less
I-360 VAWA Violence Against Women Act Petition 6 months or less
I-360 E Special Immigrant Canal Zone 6 months or less
I-360 F Special Immigrant Physician 6 months or less
I-360 H Special Immigrant Armed Forces Member 6 months or less
I-360 G Special Immigrant Intl Org. Employee 6 months or less
I-360 L Special Immigrant Iraq National US Employee 6 months or less
I-360 M Special Immigrant Other 6 months or less
I-485 LIFE LIFE Act Adjustment Application 6 months or less
I-485 Dplmt Section 13 Adjustment Application 6 months or less
I-485 T T Visa Nonimmigrant Adjustment 6 months or less
I-485 U U Visa Nonimmigrant Adjustment 6 months or less
I-526 EB5 Alien Entrepreneur 6 months or less
I-600 Petition for Orphan 6 months or less
I-601 Application for Waiver of Inadmissibility 7 months
I-612 Application for 212(e) Waiver 6 months or less
I-687 Legalization Application for Temporary Residence 6 months or less
I-690 Legalization/SAW -Waive Grounds of Excludability 6 months or less
I-698 Legalization Adjustment Application 6 months or less
I-700 Special Agricultural Worker 6 months or less
I-821 Temporary Protected Status 6 months or less
I-800 Convention Adoption as an Immediate Relative 6 months or less
I-905 Application to Issue Cert for Health Care Workers 6 months or less
I-914 Application for T Nonimmigrant Status 6 months or less
I-918 Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status 6 months or less
I-924 Application for Regional Center 6 months or less
I-929 Qualifying Family Member of a U Nonimmigrant 6 months or less
N-470 Application to Preserve Residence 6 months or less
N-565 Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document 6 months or less
N-600 Certificate of Citizenship 7 months
N-643 Certificate of Citizenship for Adopted Child 6 months or less


  1. Click on this link “Check Processing Time
  2. Select the centre which is based on your case number given to you
  3. Submit after filing up the details and the Processing Times will be displayed on your screen.

Well there is also another method of checking the USCIS Processing times. This is to look at the volume of the petitions filled in a respective year. Sometimes despite of less number of applications there is delay in processing time. So to check this, USCIS offers you a nice graph. Follow the steps given below to check this graph

  1. Click on “Check National Processing Times”
  2. Select the type of your form and your Processing Office
  3. Select the Chart Type and click to get the results.


So this is how United States Citizenship and Services work. It works continuously and helps to provide proper guidance relating to their immigrating issues. Well there are some backlogs and delays but in front of them USCIS correct its mistakes by giving facility to people to take action against such. In case, if you are looking to know uscis case status, then you can visit our website homepage for more information Well it is making number of attempts to improve and soon you will see a sound and systematic service in future. Hope the above given details of USCIS processing times and other related information of such are clear to you. For further information you can visit our website and will provide you up to date information regarding such.