USCIS Case Status Not Updated [Solution]

uscis case status not updated


Are you worried due to USCIS case status not updated since a long time? Well don’t be as this USCIS takes much time to process your applications. At first you will be receiving a notice from United States Citizenship and Immigrant services informing you that it had received your application and then it will start processing your application which will lead to the period of waiting time. Well many applications are to be processed which is based on employment, family, students or any such immigrants so it will take plenty of time to process. So don’t get apprehended due to long waiting as it will take month or more than that depending upon the applications given before you. You will receive a notification by USCIS if any additional information is needed on your application. Of course, you can always check uscis case status using a guide from our portal.

uscis case status not updated


Well you might find an error while checking your case status and this only due to your USCIS case status not updated or you are unable to check properly. So let us guide you with instructions regarding checking your status through online. Here are following steps you need to follow.

  1. Search for USCIS “Check Status” updates
  2. Fill your 13 digit case number which appears on receipt received by USCIS
  3. Make sure your fill it correctly and without giving any space between them
  4. Then click on “Check Status”
  5. The status will be displayed on screen

So likewise you can check your case status if USCIS case status not updated. And if you are not able to get through online you can also contact on USCIS help number 1800-375-283 or 1800-787-1833 which is followed by an automated machine.

Well the most systematic way to monitor your USCIS case status is to visit the USCIS website which is This an official website of USCIS created by government where the applicants can able to look each case and their filed dates which are near to complete or completed.

In this website there will be the list of each case and its information which help to inform the applicants regarding how long it will take to complete a particular case. Well it’s very much decisive to keep in mind regarding how long the USCIS take time to process and it’s wholly depends upon the cases which are pending to process. In case, if you do not know, you can check the required processing time for your uscis status as well as green card status. We have already covered both of them on our website.


So above information helps you to guide regarding what you should do if you feel your USCIS case status not updated. And if you still not able to figure out your information regarding the status update then we recommend you to set up an appointment with local officer. So these are some ways you can find a solution to your problem and don’t be panic if you haven’t updated. Hope this article will give enough information regarding your status update along with guiding steps. Do share any queries or feedback and we will be happy to provide you an informative response!

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