US Visa Status- Track DS-160 US Visa Application Status Online

DS-160 US Visa Application Status

Visit USCIS website to know your much awaited US visa status. The United States of America offers various types of non-immigrant and immigrant visas. The country is the most popular hub for the foreign students and families. To check the status of your non-immigrant US visa, log on to the website of CEAC. Immigrant visa applicants can also stay here to know the US visa application status. We have shared complete details to know the status of US visa. The US Embassy and the Consulates in India are responsible for providing visa services. Lakhs of foreigners are applying for a US visa to get temporary or permanent residence. In this post, you will learn to check the US visa file status online.

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Short term visitors to the United States also require non-immigrant tourist visas. There are various types of visas depending upon the purpose of your visit. Almost all the non-immigrant visa applications attract the same procedure to apply. It is better to check your US visa status by yourself using the internet. You will save time in following up or waiting for your agent’s call. The non-immigrants visa in various categories like A-3, H-1B, H-2A, H-4, J-2, and others can use the same procedure to know the status of visa.

How to Check US Visa Status for Non-Immigrant Visa Applications

The Consular Electronic Application Centre is known as CEAC.

To check the status of your non-immigrant visa files, follow the link to reach CEAC website.

You will see the US visa status tracking page of the CEAC portal.

Using the drop-down menu, select the type of visa. Select if your visa application is a non-immigrant type or immigrant visa file.


Non-Immigrant US Visa File Status

If you choose non-immigrant visa type, a drop-down list of the countries will appear on the screen. Select your country with city which is your interview location. Also, enter your visa application id number or file number. The file number is the DS-160 form bar code number generated at the time of application. The status message will precisely inform you of your US visa status. The application id number is same known as CEAC barcode.

The result of your US visa status check should appear immediately on the screen. Your file may be shown under administrative processing. If it is approved, the same will be reflected there. If the US Consulate wants any additional information or document, you will see the related message.


Immigrant US Visa Application Status

Use the same portal and select the type as immigrant visa in the application type option. You just need to enter your immigrant visa case number. Enter the captcha code and submit the details. Make sure that you enter the complete case number. It should also include the 3 initial alphabetic code.

How to Check Immigrant Visa Petition Status

If you have filed your immigrant visa petition, check the status here. Follow the link of USCIS and check US visa immigration petition status.

The link will let you access the official website of the department of homeland security. The registration is not mandatory. Scroll down a bit to see the option of check immigrant petition status. Follow the option and enter your receipt number. The results of US visa status of your immigration petition will be up on the screen soon. NVC status is also updated on our portal.

If you are registered, your procedure for US visa check will be simplified a lot. You can save your receipt number to avoid filling in them every time. The registration will also allow you to view your complete case history.

A U.S citizen can file an immigrant visa petition for his/her spouse, children, parent, sister or brother. The U.S immigration laws allow certain family relationships to be sponsored. Only some family relationships can be sponsored for immigration to the USA. Same applies to the employers sponsoring for job. Whatever be the case, the U.S sponsor should be approved by the USCIS. After the approval, the steps in immigrant visa application begins. Checking US visa status online is simple when you have your receipt number ready with you. The ultimate is to get the green card and permanent residency status. Wait for few days to check the US visa application status after receiving the receipt number. For more information on US visa and passport, use the website In case of queries and further suggestion, you can consult our official team.