Replace Green Card: Guidelines to follow if your Green card is Lost/Stolen/Expired

Are you a permanent resident of U.S? Don’t be late to replace green card on time. It is important to know your green card status and update it as it an essential identity proving that you are a lawful resident of USA. With a renewed green card in your hand, you are enabled to travel, love, settle, work anywhere in the United States.

Is your Green Card Lost/Stolen/Expired?

replace green card

The old card never had an expiration date; instead the latest form I-551 comprises of an expiration date and needs to be renewed every 10 years. With this, the earlier photo is replaced with the current photo, giving reliability to your existence in the foreign country.

The US laws won’t punish you if you don’t have permanent resident status but it time to become more responsible and be a responsible citizen and fulfill your duty. Lost or damaged or stolen your Green card? Just file a police report so that your card doesn’t get misused.

The best way to  replace green card is to apply for citizenship. Once you become an American citizen, you are able to participate in the American democratic system including the right to vote and hold elected office.

Importance of I-90 Form

I-90 Form

If you are a conditional resident and your green card is expiring, never use form I-90. Follow the below instructions to remove the conditions:

1. Submit Form I-751 (Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence); if you have married a US citizen.

2. Submit Form I-829 (Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions); if you have become a conditional resident based on a financial investment in US business.


The USCIS Form I-551 or the Green card or the Permanent Resident Card is a legal proof stating your lawful permanent resident status. It is a valid identification document and proof that are allowed to live and work permanently in the United States. Prefer the official account of USCIS to know more!

When should you Replace your Green card?

  • The validity of the green card has either expired or will expire within 6 months from the actual 10 years provided to every alien moving to US.
  • A permanent resident card without any expiration date on it.
  • A stolen, damaged or lost green card.
  • If you have been issued with a green card before turning 14 years old and is expected to expire before you turn 16 years old.
  • The card comprised of false data like name, DOB, issued date caused due to USCIS administrative error.
  • If you have taken a commuter status, i.e. you commute regularly in U.S, but work in Canada or Mexico.
  • Mostly, all green cards are valid for 10 years but if you have a conditional permanent resident status on the basis of marriage or investment, then the tenure is for just 2 years.  This depends till you have petitioned to have the conditions on your permanent resident status removed.  For a conditional permanent resident, if your card expires you cannot replace it even if it has expired or will expire within 90 days.

How to Apply to Replace Green Card?

Step 1: Every alien residing in the US should complete the Form I-90 to replace your permanent resident card. Do follow the instructions to complete and provide correct information.

Step 2: Pay the filing fee including biometric services fee on time.

Step 3: Submit all the necessary evidence and appropriate documentation.
Step 4: Make sure you file the application at the relevant filing location. Have all the applications properly signed along with a notice stating that the application is insufficient.

To receive an e-notification, complete filing Form G-1145 (E-Notification of application/petition Acceptance) and attach it to the first page of your application. In case of online filing, view your case on the account homepage and makes changes to your status.

What happens after you Submit Online Application?

Online Submission of Green card replacement

The moment USCIS receives your Form I-90, the process will commence and you will be receiving the following:

  • A receipt notice of your Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card will be delivered by mail at your mentioned address on your application. Also, it will get posted to your USCIS Online Account.
  • A notice for your biometrics appointment date shall be sent by mail at the address written in the application and will also be posted to your USCIS Online Account. The appointment notice is expected to come within one to two weeks of you filed the application.
  • Request for evidence will be delivered to your residential address, to get necessary additional information. Copy of the request for evidence will be in your online account. You must respond and upload the requested evidence to your USCIS Online Account within the predecided time period as stated on the notice.
  • Written notice of decision through the mail.
  • Copy of the written notice in your USCIS Online Account.
  • Your replace Green Card.

 What Happens after you Submit Paper Application

When USCIS get access of your Form i-90, your application process will start resulting in getting the following things:

  • In your mail finds a receipt notice of your Form I-90 and application to Replace Permanent Resident Card at the address provided on your application. To keep a track of all your upcoming, it will also be posted to your USCIS Online Account.
  • A notice for your biometrics appointment date by mail at your application address, along with posting it to your USCIS Online Account. The appointment notice will come within one to two weeks of your application being received.
  • Request for evidence at your address, in case additional information is necessary. A copy of the request for evidence will be in your online account. Make a point to check regularly and respond to the posts. Upload all your requested evidence to your USCIS Online Account within a definite time frame.
  • Written notice of decision by mail.
  • Copy of the written notice in your USCIS Online Account.
  • Replacement of your Green Card.

Green Card Replacement Fees

Either E-File the form I-90 online or download the Form I-90 (Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card) and send it through the mail by paying an amount of $455 filing fee along with Biometric services fee of $85.


After your apply to replace green card, then make sure you check your status on the official online portal or call USCIS National Customer Service Center at 18003755283. Prepare a file of all the necessary documents like necessary details about your name, date of birth, replacement application details, receipt number, alien registration number. Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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