OCI Status: Overseas Citizenship of India Application Status Online

OCI Status [With and Without Registration Number]

Are you waiting to know your current OCI status? Check the status here and know how far your OCI application has been processed. Overseas Citizenship of India scheme was introduced in 2005 to meet the demand of dual citizenship. However, OCI card is not a dual citizenship. India does not recognize any dual citizenship. But it gives a lifetime privileges in terms of travelling and residency. The Indian diaspora from various overseas countries is benefiting from the scheme. There is another scheme known as PIO or Person of Indian Origin. These schemes were initiated to offer benefits to the Indian-origin foreign citizens. This post guides you to know your OCI status online. You will find answers to many of your queries related to OCI card as well.

The post guides you to know your OCI status at the official portal. Applicants need to submit their passport number online. An online registration number or the acknowledgement file number is also required. Follow the further detailed guidelines in this post itself. Before the amendment made in 2015, the travellers having OCI card were required to carry a passport. The passport should be containing a lifetime visa for India. This requirement was eliminated in 2015. Travellers holding an OCI card do not require the visa sticker passport. Also, the PIO cards can be converted to the OCI card as the schemes are almost merged.

OCI Status

How Do I Check My OCI Status Online?

The official website of Indian passport allows tracking OCI card status online. Find the link to the page and instructions.

  1. Here is the link you should use for tracking OCI status:
  1. Enter your passport number.
  2. Enter your online registration number or the acknowledgement file number.
  3. Proceed further by enter captcha code.
  4. You will see the OCI status in few seconds. The messages are clear to know the current position of your application.
  5. No need to worry if you do not remember your registration number. Use the option “Forgot Registration Number.” You can locate it at the top right corner of the page.
  6. Retrieve your registration number by providing your date of birth. Also, enter the passport number.
  7. Answer the security question and get your registration number. Once you have your registration number, you the above link to get OCI application status.

The online OCI card status enquiry is only for those who applied through Indian missions.

What is an OCI Card?

An OCI card is a life-long multiple entry visa for the foreign citizens of Indian origin. OCI card does not give basic rights of the citizen of India. But it facilitates visa-free multiple travels to India. A foreign citizen holding an OCI card own rights of residency in India. The OCI card holder can also take part in education and business activities. A spouse of any OCI card holder is also eligible for Overseas Citizenship of India. But the person does not have basic rights like voting.


Who is Eligible for OCI Card?

Do check the eligibility criteria before you apply for your OCI status. Not every foreign national can apply for OCI card. The application procedure is simple and quick if you are meeting the eligibility.

OCI Card Eligibility Criteria

  • The person should be a citizen of India after 26th January 1950.
  • The person who held eligibility for citizenship of India at the time of formation of the Indian constitution.
  • Any person who was a citizen of any union territory after 15th August 1947.
  • Children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of parents who were holding Indian citizenship at any point after 26th January 1950.
  • Any children whose at least one parent is a citizen of India is eligible to apply for OCI card.
  • Any spouse of an OCI or PIO holder is also eligible.

In the case of spouse, it should be a legally registered marriage. Also, the marriage should have existed for at least 2 continuous years.

OCI card application process is a quick and hassle-free process. It contains Part A and Part B. The application for OCI card is online at www.passport.gov.in website. You need to visit the office with fees and supporting documents for verification. Applicants can start checking OCI status online after a gap of few days.  NRI’s can check their green card application status as well as the uscis status in case if they have applied for citizenship. Generally, the processing time for OCI card applications is 8 to 10 weeks. The online OCI card status check will inform you of any discrepancy and issue. We also update the US visa application status on our blog.