How to Check H1B Status Online

H1B Status

How do I check my H1B status? This is one of the most common questions for the visa applicants. If you applied for your US H1B category visa, check H1B visa status online. Explore the easiest way to check H1B visa status on the official USCIS website. The USCIS administers and processes H1B visa applications. A procedure to know uscis case is already discussed on our portal. Get your receipt number ready with you to know the current position of your application. The post also shares offline ways to know the US visa file status. Find the precise processing of your visa by yourself and stay updated on your H1B application. We will direct you to the appropriate visa application tracking page. A few clicks will inform you how far your application is processed. Applicants of immigrant visa can also check the status of their application on our blog.

The H1B visa permits any foreign national in the United States to work for a certain duration. This visa is available for in specified occupation for the offers of employment. A person can hold H1B status for a maximum period of six years. You can check uscis processing times as well to know when your visa would arrive. Upon the expiration, it can be renewed up to 3 years by the USCIS. All the applications related to the visa are administered by the USCIS. A dedicated portal of USCIS allows applicants to know the status of their H1B visas. The USCIS is US Government Immigration Department that processes visa applications.

Check H1B Status Online – Step-by-Step Procedure

Once you know the receipt number, it is a breeze to know your H1B status. Do make sure that you start checking it after few days. The website of USCIS will show the latest updates on your H1b visa application status. Here is how you should check it.

  1. Use this link to visit USCIS website:
  2. You are at the homepage of the USCIS official portal.
  3. Scroll down a bit to follow the option of “Check your case status”.
  4. Registrations are voluntary here.
  5. You can just enter your 13-digit receipt number and check the H1B status.
  6. If you have already registered on this site, you can login to check it.
  7. Though it is not mandatory to register, it gives you many benefits.
  8. If you create account, your receipt number will be saved here. You will be saved from the hassle of filling in your receipt number during every check.

The results will show you the current position of your H1B visa application. Registered users can manage their case. The system will allow you to view your complete case history as well.

H1B Status

What is H1B Visa Receipt Number?

H1V visa receipt number is a unique 13 digits alphanumeric acknowledgement number. The first three characters of the receipt are alphabetic and signifies the USCIS service centre. The receipt number is also known as a visa file number. The H1B visa status tracking system is provided for the visa applicants. The receipt number is used to track the status of any immigrant and non-immigrant applications.

How to Track H1B Visa Application Status By Phone

Use the following USCIS service centre phone numbers to know your H1b status. USCIS works through four service centres. The first three characters of your file number will inform you the centre of your application.

  • Texas service Center (SRC) – 1 214 381 1423
  • Nebraska service centre (LIN) – 1 402 323 7830
  • California service centre (WAC) – 1 949 831 8427
  • Vermont service centre (EAC) – 802 527 4913

You will get a recorded messages on the above numbers. After you inform your receipt number, it will tell you the date of your application and H1b status.

H1B File Status By Email

There are other alternatives to know the H1b status of your non-immigrant US visa application. Write to following email addresses as per your USCIS visa service centre.

  1. California service centre – (for receipt numbers startin with WAC)
  2. Nebraska service centre – (for receipts starting with LIN)
  3. Texas service centre – (if your receipt number starts with SRC)
  4. Vermont service centre – (EAC code in your receipt number)

In the case, if your application is being processed by other US government agencies, use

Do not forget to mention your application receipt number in your communication with USCIS service centres. H1B visa status is currently under major crackdown with strict monitoring of the restrictions. However, a lakhs of young visa seekers from different parts are applying for the H1B visas. Do remember us to check the H1B status online in few quick steps. Tracking visa and passport applications is the matter of few seconds due to the online services. Follow us for latest updates on US visa processing times and application procedures.