Green Card Status: Permanent Residence (United States) Status

Now get your Green Card Status and other related information online! Well all the people who are living in U.S must be aware about the Green Card. This card is given by INS Immigration Naturalization Service to those who have completed eighteen or more than years in foreign country so as to be called as the permanent resident of United States.

Once you are successful enough to get green card you can live and work freely in U.S. After you accomplish the green card status you will not be forced to leave the country and further it will be useful as a source of investigation because you will not forced to leave even though you are indulged in any criminal offence.

Green Card Status

Criteria for Green Card

Well to become eligible resident of U.S certain necessary qualifications need to be fulfilled. Following are certain key points you need to keep in mind to become a U.S resident.

  1. A citizen must have completed three years in U.S by physically presented in the country.
  2. Must not under prosecution of any criminal activities.
  3. Those who have become the participants of Genocide or extrajudicial killings in Nazi can be called as invalid to become U.S residents.
  4. Must demonstrate the USCIS to avail green card status on the grounds of public interests, humanitarian and family unity.

So by fulfilling the above eligibility you can able to get Green card status. Also you may be eligible through family, employment, job, refugee, employment, asylum or any other such special provisions. But to become resident, these categories also need to fulfil certain mandatory criteria which as follows.

  1. Eligibility for family:
  • Must be parents of a U.S citizens.
  • Must be spouse of a U.S citizen.
  • Children who are unmarried of age under 21 years of U.S citizen.
  1. Eligibility for employment
  • Workers including aliens consist of outstanding abilities, researchers or managers,
  • A person consist of advanced degree,
  • Qualified workers with necessary skills and knowledge,
  • Immigrants based on religious vocations,
  • Those who are investors or entrepreneurs.
  1. Eligibility for Asylum or Refugee
  • If you are in the U.S as a refugee or spouse or a child of a refugee than you can avail Green card after 1 year after you enter in the United States.
  • And if you are granted as an asylum in the U.S then you can avail green card 1 year after grant in asylum.

Thus the above information regarding the eligibility criteria to get Green card status for various categories had been clearly described hope you will be clear with the points. Well there are many ways to get green card such as sponsorship, job offers or through education etc. But only requirement is there you must follow or come under such eligibility.

After you become eligible you can apply for green card and for that you need to pay certain amount as a fee to USCIS Immigrant Service. So here we guide you with following steps regarding how you can pay the fee to USCIS.


  1. At first you need to receive information about immigrant through U.S embassy. They will give you such information including following details.
  • A letter “A” followed by 8 or 9 numbers
  • Case ID DOS followed by three letters and 9 or 10 numbers
  • Information with instruction for payment of fees to USCIS Immigrant service
  • A sealed VISA packet with immigrant data summery
  1. Online filing of details
  • At first you need to visit this website
  • Login and select USCIS immigrant fee
  • Enter the mandatory details which you have received by USCIS
  1. Make payment of USCIS immigrant fee

Thus this is how you can able to pay fees for your USCIS Immigrant Service and get green card status. Well after this you can track your Green Card status by following the below steps.


In order to track green card status online, you can go through official U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Over there, you’d be able to get all the necessary information along with a guide to track green card status. Let’s summarize it here for you.

  1. Visit website
  2. Select “Check My Case Status”
  3. Enter your receipt number
  4. Click to submit button and get Green Card Status


Oftentimes, it is also known as uscis status. The information is provided just for the sake of knowledge or for those who are not aware of the difference. So above article provides you the mandatory details regarding Green card Status, its eligibility and how you can avail the status hope you must be clear with above information. For more information you can frequently visit our website. We ensure you to provide all mandate details along with instructions regarding USCIS Immigrant Services, Green Card, Processing Times and any such information. Stay Tune with our website and share your doubts and queries and we will provide you an appropriate solution for that.