How to Check USCIS Case Status Online

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services allows all applicants to check USCIS case status online. If you have applied for US visa, it would become necessary for you to go through this information on US visa status. It is widely known as USCIS case status. The time lag between the application and approval of the US immigration file is quite long. Hence, checking USCIS status online is quickest and most preferred method. Not only, you can check the status but also how far your US immigration file is processed. It just takes few minutes of yours to carry out the USCIS status check process. We have also given information on other manual ways to check US visa status.

How to Check USCIS Status Online

The online USCIS status check is swift and simple. The direct link to access the official site is shared further in this post. The only requirement to check USCIS case status is your 13 characters long application receipt number. Without this receipt number, you cannot check the USCIS visa status. This receipt number is issued to all the applicants of US visa after their application is accepted. If you are an agent and want to track US visa status of multiple applicants, it is simple. Register for free at the official site of USCIS and check visa status of multiple applications at a time.

Check USCIS Case Status Online

Whether you have applied for the US visa on permanent residency basis of under any other program, you can use the below process.

  1. Here is the link for the officiate site:
  2. Registration is not mandatory.
  3. Enter the application receipt number.
  4. Click on ‘Check Status’ option.
  5. The next screen will show the exact USCIS case status of your application.

However, if your visa application is handled by other US government agency like Department of State, do not use the below procedure. In such case, applicants can check their US visa application status at

How to Check USCIS Visa Status by Email/Phone Call

Instead of using online ways, you can confirm the USCIS case status using other manual ways too. See below details to check US visa status by phone call, in person or by sending an email.

USCIS Status by Phone Call

Call on US number 1-800-375-5283 to check USCIS case status. You just need to follow the recorded instructions carefully and enter the receipt number when asked to furnish. You will be informed of the current status of your USCIS case.

USCIS File Status by Email

Write to following email ids to enquire about your file status:

Send email to:

If your application is handled by other US government agencies like Department of state, write to

USCIS Application Status – USCIS FAQ

Here are some most common frequently asked questions by the applications related to their USCIS case status.

  1. How do I pay NVC Fees?

The NVC will be sending you the AOS – Affidavit of Support Processing Fee Invoice if it is applicable in your case. It will also send you the invoice for the Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee as and when the fee is due. The bill letter will give you payment instructions.

  1. Is it possible to check USCIS case status without the receipt number?

Unfortunately, you cannot check the USCIS visa status in absence of the application receipt number at the official site.

  1. What if I have not received my application receipt number?

You should wait for the receipt number. It will be sent by mail from INS. For any question and query regarding the USCIS application receipt number, call 1-800-375-5283 or 1-800-767-1833.

  1. What is NVC case number? Is it different from the USCIS receipt number?

Yes. NVC case number is a number different than the USCIS receipt number. When NVC (National Visa Centre) receives approval of the immigrant’s application from the USCIS, it issues the NVC case number.

  1. How often should I check the status of my US visa file? What is the approximate processing time?

The processing time for USCIS visa ranges from several weeks to several months. The official site updates the status on all the business days. You may also be notified of your important updates by automatic emails.

For more detailed information on US Citizenship and Immigration Services, you may refer to its official site. The site allows you to download any USCIS forms online. All guidelines for US citizenship, Green Card, and laws are given on the site. Besides checking your USCIS case status, the official site will guide you through many other information like nearest centre. Leave your queries and questions if any, for checking USCIS visa status.